Sunday, May 3, 2009

I have done my part

Last week, Cloud said that he would like to go to church with me if he is free this week. This is the 1st part, leading by God. He is available this morning, so I wake him up and preparing to go church with him.

2nd part, the transport. I did not prepare extra helmet for him. So, keep trying to find one last minutes. Sorry for those people whom I disturb your sleeping time (weysian, itttheng, xiuying, meihuah...). Finally, cant find one in 2nd. So, I just drive to 5th. There, I think of chinhong. Luckily he got extra. So, thank God, I do not give up because of transport problem. We go church, although late 15 minutes.

Today is the first week of the month, is holy communion day. Although Cloud does not understand what and why we are doing all that, but I know, one day he will know it, when God let him see and understand. Pastor mentions about one special thing this morning: 基督教是敬拜赞美的宗教,只有我们才有唱歌赞美我们的上帝。Totally agree this.

After having slight breakfast, we go back. Add oil, then find that the front tyre puncit. haha... Nevermind lar... I have done what I can do, bringing Cloud to the God. I cannot imagine how I will feel if I fail to bring Cloud to church today, but I just thank God now, as I achieve my part! What is follow, is depend on God's will and plan. I AM GRAD I DO MY PART!!


  1. wat la,say bringing Cloud to the God,i not die yet @@'''

    nex time i lock mysel in room,let u fail one time,wakaka

  2. she will fail...but God never fail u...

  3. haha... Thanks Zau!! I know is God bringing Cloud to Him because God love him. not mean die lar Cloud...