Friday, August 28, 2009

A tired day...

Wake up this morning... wow... a cold morning...

2day having our 1st group counseling session with a Master student, to fulfill one of our group counseling lecture assignment required. A session that make me speechless. When others share, and I find a point that I may want to voice out. However, when they continue to speak out, the point change, and it seems like weird if I keep on thinking my point that has been put aside. Feel like not given a chance to express myself. To me, I am ok, just hope they dont think I am just a watcher, I am a listener.

This session brings out the issue of family problem. I heard sharings that I have never ever encounter in my life. I feel proud of those who can still achieve well although they are facing such situation. It makes me think of a stupid point once: If I experience such tough time, maybe I will also learn more and be more mature. Ha... Really a stupid thinking. If I have the same experience, will I stand up and change it into a motivation then? So I should appreciate what I have now, and fully utilize the resources I have now to make myself strong! I dont want to be weak and be a victim to grow up!!!

This session make me a bit heavy, make me a bit dizzy, like a stone in the heart, that I cant sense out why. The original plan to KLCC bookfest cancelled, because kakies are not free. Something make them busy and has to postpone the plan to Monday. So, the whole afternoon I stay at room youtubing and find songs that I used to like. I do not feel disappointed coz I give myself works to do, instead of wasting the time that are freed out. Am I angry? I dont think so..

Dinner, go eat duck rice with a group of 15 secholian. Then go praise and worship practice. Come back at 11pm, tired. Really no mood to join a tennis game that have a lot of people there, do not have the mood to sit there waiting for others to take turn play. Tired... May be face my laptop for too long time. I should ban it tomorrow. Dont want to be addicted. Have to learn technique in conducting my group and individual sessions le.

P/S: I dont like anyone simply say sorry to me. I wish to hear more, especially a promise that will be granted ok?! Please dont say sorry because you feel guilty, because if you are guilty, I will feel more guilty to make you feel like that. I do expect more, expect you give me better than what you cant keep promise this moment.

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