Friday, October 9, 2009

Get a stomach of FIRE and BITTER WATER from UM HEP

This morning getting PBCUM teacher adviser's signature and approval for my Malam Persembahan Seni Pertuturan Cina KKD. Then go HEP, wait for 1/2 hour, meet the staff in charge, get many correction for my KKD. Its the first round I pass up my KKD, so its expected already lar. Just need to reedit it.

Then this afternoon, go there again. 2:45pm wait till nearly 4pm. As KKD has been check in the morning, and I say I have edited it, so the staff in charge ask me to key-in the data to the pentadbiran system first.

Dont know the username, password and database, ask staff A. Staff A say I am not in charge of persatuan, u go ask staff in charge. She is not there, so searching for our busy secretary. Fortunately got KaiWei accompany me for a while. Then, finally get the password from secretary, but still can not access.

Go ask the staff in charge, she ask me ask staff N. Staff N say, go ask the staff in charge. I say, she ask me come to you. So, she slowly help me check out the problem, and complaining somemore... The password expired dy, got new one... Please lar... How I know?

Then proceed with the new one. Fine, enter dy. KaiWei go back first lol. However, after fill in few details, I hang again... Dont know how to proceed to the next raw of key-in information. Bad, try many times still fail... Then go to staff N again. She says, I have help you with the password, you should go to find the staff in charge.

So I go back, find the staff in charge. She says staff N is more pro in the database. Nevermind lar, you come and key-in again on Monday. (Is over 5pm dy, they want to go back dy...)

Please lar... all from the same office. Then student got problem, why not every staff can help? I only say I cannot key-in the data, can anyone of you help? Why cant you help? I dont trust that none of you know how to do it accept the staff in charge of PBCUM. Is just key-in, nothing related with my KKD!!!

Remember last time I help UMIT14 key-in the data. The staff in charge of college activities is very nice. She concerned on me, and help me whenever I hang there. However, when comes to persatuan things, the other staff just want to reject whatever none of their business.

What kind of HEP like this?

Why UM HEP staff so unfriendly de?? We are all human, we are same level, what u all prioritised?

Lesson from here, Dont be anyone like that after you go to the world of work. Dont be the one u used to hate!!


  1. 因为这次你有了PBCUM多五个字,这五个字对他们来说就好像大敌人,会百般刁难。他们最会玩丢气球的啦,再不然就是躲气球。

    终于了解到了宿舍活动和校园级活动的不同了吧?一个你只需要follow and refer,而另一个需要你真正的会独当一面。加油咯

  2. 刁难倒没有,但KKD至少要4/5次才给你过。丢气球,躲气球我百分百认同。还有就是负责人不同,很明显负责宿舍活动的比较好说话。PBCUM那个就很常爱理不理的。过了这关一切就好办了吧。我会加油的。