Thursday, November 12, 2009

dearest coursemate^^

That day ( its a tuesday), you ask me "Hai gal, How are you?"

I answer, "Fine. Y?"

You say, "Just asking girl. Missing you!"

I reply, "Thank you......"

Feeling just usual, and warm that somebody care about me.

Today you tell me, you have a dream that day, dreaming that I am not feeling well.

So you message me, just want to know I am fine.

Feeling touch, that you so care about me.

Its so nice to know you, and close to you since last semester, this year, 2009.

Neverever, I feel any of my classmate or coursemate care so much about me.

Thank God for sending you to me.

Thank you for your sharings, and friendship, sincerity.

I appreciate it, Lakshumy! Love you^^

1 comment:

  1. That is sweet.. ;)
    That's good and keep the friendship.. <3