Sunday, March 15, 2009

CIM game day..

Happy now... Hmm... Not just because of it pass already... Also, because there is a good ending... Thank God:)

Last night still emotionally affected by it, and bring the down mood to sleep... However, when I see the sunny weather this morning, I know GOD listen my prayer -- for good weather and fluent progress...

I want to say sorry to AhBoon, coz i left the job of finding player to him... really sorry of affecting him... This is my irresponsible side, I give up of doing something that I cant manage to settle. Also thank him of being sacrifice his study time for this, really appreciate of his kindness and helpfulness..

I skip the morning futsal session to church, leave all the games to Anson. I think he handle it well, and sorry to say that I din help this morning. Thank you Anson, for doing all that, including my part... Thank you jiali, for finding me the netball players, thanks chek go and chu hong, for male teams. Thank you my dear roomate cheng cheng, for being the last player for netball team... Thank you all volunteer players for this game, because of you, its successful...

The good weather, make this game a successful one. Actually not perfect, coz too hot this morning. But fortunately rain comes after we manage to finish all the games. Really Thank GOD for listening to our prayers.

Lean Choon say this game is an races integration programme for college. I still think that is no point to organize it coz really hard to push female player to join it at first (I dont know how is the condition of KKM and KKI lar, but for KKC it is truth). We all never play those sports. But is ok coz finally we got enough player for the teams... Thanks for all.

Really HAPPY now... Really, I din do much... But thanks for all... At least I learn something... I see my weakness and irresponsible part...

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