Friday, March 20, 2009

personal diary - STRESS

Stress- (psychologically) inability to cope with perceived or real ( or imagined) threat to one's mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, which results in a series of physiological responses and adaptations. (Seaward, 1997, p.5)

Stress - (generally) any event that strains or exceeds an individual's ability to cope (Lazarus, 1999)

Nowadays, I find that many of the friends around me are stress, including me. Why stress? Assignments, study, activities, relationships...... all common sources of stress. Majority those who meet stress is due to poor time management. (Minority is those who really work hard since the beginning, due to the high expectation given by their lecturer. )

Poor time management. I am one of this group, so talk in my 'experience'. Assignment is given since the early of the semester, but due to no stress and motivation that time, I choose to delay it, until nearly last minutes. What am I doing then? Activities, sleeping, chatting, playing, wasting times...... Enjoying my time, and lead to business and stress at the end. Now, its already 3/4 of this semester. Look forward, exam is near, (1 month later). Look backward, whole load of books need to study. Ask myself, manage to finish it before exam?? Then... STRESS>>> STRESS......

Ask myself what I can do now? Sure, go study if got time lar... Use every minutes wisely, dont sleep too much. Wasting time will only make me feel guilty and stress. Chatting.. still allowed coz it give me motivation. While concentrate on others problem, I can put aside my stressors, being more relax.. DONT TALK TOO MUCH, GO STUDY NOW!!


  1. now since you realize you have wasted so much time on entertainment ah??
    make it a good lesson and develop a better time management next time lo~~

  2. i realize dy... but i still spend so much time on unimportant things, especially sleeping... haiz... hard to turn back to 4 hours sleep perday like last sem...
    besides, can u put u r name? If u are a friend to me, let me know who u are so that we can share opinion in real life.