Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'Stress' assignment..

Hahaha... I think i already get done with my 'stress' assignment during my holidays last few days.. However, it seems like not what I think...

'How to cope with stress at work' This is my assignment title. Lecturer says minimum 5 pages. Ok, well, I do 7 pages for it. Its enough dy right?? But today, when i go to class in the morning, one of my coursemate have get it done, with 20 pages printed out already... OMG... that means I better doubles my pages of assignment, in order to have more reason for me to get better grade for my work... Nevermind, I trust that i can handle it, just add more unused 'loso' phrases, not a hard job for me...

This afternoon, entering another class. My another coursemate says she got 46 pages for that assignment.... My God.... I want to pengsan liao......","

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