Thursday, March 12, 2009


Tuesday (10 March 09), I attend the drama presentation of PKVUM at KPS. That is an annual event organized by PKVUM, in conjunction to Easter day. This year’s presentation is simpler compared to last year’s. it is a nice show. I like the scene and the way they perform it.

I am sorry to say that, I cannot fully get what the drama wants to tell me. But what I get from it is a phrase, maybe even not an important phrase in the drama. “Human has the instant to care, but when it comes to action, your heart cannot manage it.” Get it? Ya.. I always say that I am not ‘8’, but care, concern. However, what I can do next? What I can give to those whom I concern? I really take it serious. Do I help you, at least to reduce your stress and moodiness? I hope I can do something for you, even slightly make you smile, before I can do more for you… “But what can you do next? Not more than listening…”

Who will make you whole? The theme of the drama, fragments. Think of it. Who can make you complete? Is this can simply be done by anyone else? By those you love?
Jesus loves you, loves me, loves all of us. He died on the cross for us, to bring us to the eternal life. Dying is easy, if you just jump down from a high building, shoot yourself with a pistol, kill yourself with a knife, overdoses, drunk…… IMAGINE…… just imagine, if you are dying on the cross, will this be easy? Sure no!! Jesus died on the cross, not only because of nailed wound, or over bleeding, but also suffering. The painfulness, the sins that make him apart from his Father Lord, tiring of pushing himself up to take breath…

I am sad. Since I have known this for years ago, but I do nothing for Him. He sacrificed so much for me, but I do not do a single thing for Him… I am a failure person in this way. And HOW ABOUT YOU?? Can you be more successful than I am?? I hope you are…

The second night I go there again, and this time, I understand what the drama tells. I get the three steps to approach the eternal life, which I have known them before. Just want to share here:
1. Admit that you have sins.
2. Believe that Jesus died for all of us. (to wash our sins with his blood)
3. Invite Jesus to be our Lord and Saviour.

JESUS was broken into FRAGMENTS to made us WHOLE

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