Friday, March 13, 2009

Counseling Diary

New concept for all to share..

**If you think a person (A) got maladaptive behavior, but A thinks he is all right, then it is you who have problem.

Maybe A really got some unacceptable behavior, but if he himself think he is ok, then we have to consider he is normal. Why I say those who are affected by him got problem? It is because you are the one who being uneasy with his maladaptive behavior. You are the one who get in trouble. So you are the one who have problem.

What to do next? If you really feel affected by that person, seek help from others. I will suggest that either you have to make a change to adapt or to accept A and his‘normal' behavior. Or you try to let A realizes that he has a maladaptive behavior.

If he realizes it, and going to change, then it will be fine for both you and A. But if he refuses to make any changes, then, it is your choice to accept A, or just avoid from his maladaptive behavior.


  1. Girl! It is you?
    Haha.. Happy to be here. Pink blog.. Nice diary too.. :D

  2. haha... yaya...its me... Thanks for being here:)