Thursday, March 26, 2009

Festival Seni - CHOIR - 2nd place - feeling...(Eng)

All have comes to the end, and its a happy ending truely.. Sure, all of us never guess that we can get the 2nd place, its a surprising result!!

Since my 1st year, I have the initiation to join choir. However, I lost the chance as each time I have personal things to do when its choir audition. So, comes to my 2nd year. I join choir joyfully, with high expectation to get back the same good feeling of joining church choir before. The beginning is quite ok, with many choir members, simply sing together happily.

Then, is a long break until sembreak then we only start practice for our festival seni. After 2nd sem start, the practice stop, until after chinese new year, it start again. It seems like last minutes work. We nearly think that our college give up to send choir team, but Samantha take this task, become the manager of choir team. So, the practice start again. All kinds of problems following... choir members poor attendance, conductor, coach, pitching, sound value... All these, make me feel disappointed to join it..

Until recently, we start everyday practising. It make me even feel fade up coz the long and uneffective practice time, especially these days i am facing lots of assignments and a test. I even feel like want to quit, but I know its near dy, why dont I just be there until the end? So, I try to accept and try to be fun in choir. Also, I can see Samantha sacrifies so much for choir, till she seems ill and tense. I see conductor's hard work in learning the technic although she still cant do so profesional coz she is a new learner..

Now, its all over. Thank God for giving us such a good achievement, although we may not doing perfect. I still remember last time read the news about Brazil football team, saying 'They are not praying God for victory, but praying God to let the team which can most glorious Him to win.' I am not sure whether our team is it or not... But, we feel happy on what we have achievement.

For me, I dint have much emotion on the unexpected achievement. I just think, its really out of our expectation, surprising. We have once critic so much about it and it even make me so down of the practice sessions. However, I am happy that for those who really sacrifice so much, they worth it!! They gain the good return!! And me, sure I am also happy coz I enjoy in the last performance, really! I pray God so that all of us can do our best in this performance, and sure He hear me!!

Just say, congratulation to all choir members! and our manager Samantha. Is a good ending to pack up the whole experience and memories in choir 0809 2nd college. Finally, I dint regret to join it.


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  2. 其实我也和你一样,有想过要退出的,因为最近的心情不太好,又加上自己已经生病了,根本是发不出声音来。。。但我又回想,如果我到现在才放弃,那我之前下的苦功不就白费了吗?最后的决定,我要好好照顾自己!所以,最近这几天的练习都是看不到我的踪印的。结果,我的病果然好转了许多,我终于可以站在DTC的舞台唱歌了。。。我真的好开心哦!到现在我还是无法用任何的言语来形容我内心的喜悦!真的好感动!