Tuesday, March 24, 2009

personal diary - change or not change

Yesterday night, choir practising. While singing the song 'I will follow him', we need to move our body left and right according to the rhythm. We have said that the two raws of us have to move to different direction so that it wont looked weird.

So, its a time when all of the female raw is moving to the same side with male. I find it since beginning, so i adjust myself to it. However, the others still following the same pattern as when they start to move. There, I find three pattern among us. 1. Me, who move to the opposite direction to others, as what we have say before, different with guys one. 2. Majority, who move by the wrong direction since begin, and until last. 3. One or two, see my direction, wondering want to change or not.

Cheng asks me why I want to follow the different direction while others are all swing at the same direction. I tell her that because this is what the right direction. She say, but if you are the only different, doesnt it looked weird? I know it, but just I have no mood to be serious at that time, so I just simply do what i want.... I just get an idea from this situation.

1.When you are the one who is right, but majority of others are wrong, will you going to follow them? Or you just follow the right one although it looks weird? I am wondering... Sure, in the reality, if this condition happen, majority human will confuse and think that maybe is themselves who are wrong coz they are alone. I just want to say, if you think you are right, and its really got evidence to prove that you are right (although majority others not right), be confident with yourself and move on with it. If you decide to follow the other part, up to you...

2.Be alert whether you are doing the wrong thing or not, even though majority people doing it. This is for your own good, as a wise person who is aware of your own life. If you discover that something wrong, just be brave to change yourself. Dont afraid to be judged by others. We have the rights to change ourselves to the better.

3.If you find that somebody doing something weird, find out that is right or wrong, instead of criticing that person. If you find that he/she is right, are you brave enough to challenge yourself to correct yourself or still following the majority? Just in case that you know majority people is doing the wrong thing, you are one of them, and you discover you are not doing a good thing, dont hesitate to make change. Some people may be lazy to change or not dare to take the challenge. But imagine, when more and more people realize it and change, will the condition be better?

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  1. 不好意识!英文差!华语比较能表达我的意见!Sorry!Aileen!我不是说你错,你当时是对的!但...我只能讲个人观念不同!我认为,在一个团队里,teamwork是很重要的!给我的话我会宁愿跟着大家一起错,也不想做对的那一个人!至少在那时候,我们是一team的!有错一起背!当然能做对是最好啦!但我宁愿选择停下来时,跟大家讲一下!下一次不就可以一起做对咯!同进同出!teamwork不就是这样吗?...